About Our Roofing Company

We provide services at very competitive rates! Over the years, we have received overwhelming recognition and have been considered one of the leading contractors in the roofing industry. Eagle Roofing & Repair, LLC services are available for any job no matter the size. Because of this, we are known for timely, dependable roofing services in the River Region.

We Nail It Better!

Eagle Roofing & Repair, LLC is committed to providing the highest quality products and services available. We think of our customers as partners, which is why they can always count on us for 100% satisfaction guaranteed! Our knowledgeable staff will make sure your needs come first in any situation while earning your respect thanks to their professionalism.

We are a roofing company with the vision to be an industry leader. We offer quality products and services, committed staff who work hard every day on your behalf without fail or hesitation in order for you to receive what’s promised-always! Our goal is to achieve excellence through commitment and dedication by being there when needed most.

Meet Our Leader & Founder,  

Rob Butterfield



Eco Friendly Construction

Without a trace! We leave our worksites in better condition than when we started. 


The Newest Technology Repairs

We only partner with quality, trusted name brand suppliers. Eagle Roofing & Repairs is excited to incorporate the newest technologies to your roof.


High Quality Construction Management

You have a question! We will provide an answer. We pick up the phone when you have a need.

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